Luxury Vinyl Tile Care and Maintenance

Regular Maintenance and Damage Protection

  • Dust-mop, broom, and/or vacuum on the correct hard surface setting can be used for daily maintenance.

  • When necessary occasionally damp mop with water only, making sure the mop is thoroughly wrung out. DO NOT pour water or any liquid directly on the floor or use an excessively wet mop that will puddle or leave excessive moisture on the planks. Dry immediately.

  • NEVER use detergents, soaps, or chemicals to clean the floor. Instead, use a neutral PH cleaner.

  • NEVER use floor polish or floor cleaning wax.

  • NEVER use rotating beater bars, scrubbers, jet mops, buffers, etc.

  • Liquids and spills must be wiped dry immediately.

  • Do not use steam mops.

  • NEVER slide heavy furniture across the floor.

  • To protect flooring from scratches, area rugs or mats are recommended, especially in exterior doorway areas to prevent gravel and dirt from tracking onto the floor.

  • Use felt pad protectors on chairs and furniture to prevent scratches.

  • Replace plastic or metal casters on chairs with rubber wheels and lift instead of sliding heavy objects across the floor.